Last night, I did a total cleanse of my massive makeup collection. I haven’t been wearing makeup often, so I have a ton of really old makeup that I don’t even touch. Yesterday I made an impulse trip to Sephora, and end up buying more than I planned to. I was inspired to do a detox of all my old makeup to make room for all the new products. In case you didn’t know, because I didn’t makeup does expire. When you utilize old makeup it can cause you to break out, and cause your skin to be irritated. Now that I have cleaned up and organized all my makeup, my makeup looks so much more lovely. Here are some tips on how to productively get your makeup stashed formulated, and organized. I’d recommend doing every six months, to guarantee everything steps in top shape.



Organize by type of product, all face and cheek products in one place. Mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow in another, and lip product in another place. This way when you go to do your makeup you can easily find what you are looking for.

Place your most used products in a bin, or a makeup bag. The products you utilize every day.

Find a good place to have all your makeup. I like to keep mine on the dresser in my room in front of my huge window. I like to do my makeup in natural lighting, so I sit in front of the window with my makeup placed on the table in front of me.

Use a bin or containers to store all makeup.

When you purchase new products, keep them separate from your old products. Place them in a basket or bin so you don’t forget about them, because I always do.

Place all your makeup brushes, and applicators in one place so you can see them easily when you are doing your makeup.

Make sure to keep everything in a clean place, so germs don’t build up around your makeup.



Create a trash and keep pile. New products/undecided/unused etc.

Immediately throw away all old products. Mascara should be thrown away every three months. Foundation, powder, blush, and bronzer can be kept up to a year. Eye shadow and eyeliner can be kept up to six months to a year.

If you have to second guess throwing a product, away just toss it. If you still can’t stand to let it go, keep it for another 4 months to see if you use it. Make sure you put it in a separate basket or bin so you know.

Clean off all your makeup products, with a makeup wipe or wash towel.

Clean all makeup brushes and applicators.

If you have any makeup products that are unused, and in good shape but you don’t plan to use them. Or don’t like them for whatever reason, color shade etc. You can give them away to family of little cousins. You can also donate them to your local shelter.

Good Luck



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