I’m always drinking heaps amounts of water, I permanently have a water bottle by my side. I love to switch things up and make detox, and infused water. Substituting out plain water, and sweet juice for infused water is not only beyond healthy, but taste just as satisfactory. I love to drink detox water, because it keeps me on my feet, it gives me loads of energy throughout my day. I’m always coming up with different fruits and herbs to add to my water.

I thought I would share with you three of my favorite detox waters. Fresh, and refreshing, they are extremely effortless to make, and require no prep at all. All you need is the ingredients, that you will drop in to your water. Place it in the fridge, to allow the ingredients to infuse overnight.

There is a plethora of incredible benefits to drinking detox water. If you are on the journey to shedding a couple of pounds. Plain water is key, but detox water takes it up to another lever depending on the ingredients of course. Being dehydrated can slow down the fat burning process so water is a fundamental key. Detox water assist in flushes out toxins in the body, and keeps the body healthy.  I’d recommend using organic fruits and vegetables, and filtered water to get the ultimate effects.


Helps with:  Upset Stomach & Fatigue
What you will need:

1 sliced Cucumber

1 lime (whole or sliced)

Mint leaves

Cucumbers are not only delicious, but also have great perks. They are 95% water, so they are incredible for your skin, and cholesterol. I have recently been obsessed with the herb mint, I don’t know where it has been all my life? Mint is an aromatic herb that has been around forever. It is a natural stimulant that aids digestion. Have you ever smelled mint, it truly smells amazing?

I’m not even going to lie though, whenever I utilize it, I immediately want a mojito. Anyways mint is flowing with antioxidants and helps with an upset stomach. The smell of it alone can help keep you awake, and fight fatigue.


Helps with: Stress Relieving
What you will need:

6 Strawberries

A teaspoon of vinegar (Optional)

Basil leaves

Cut up Pineapple

My favorite fruit is definitely pineapple, but the taste isn’t the only perk. Pineapple has a natural anti-oxidant that aids in mitigating a high blood pressure, and helps boost the immune system. Strawberries are delightful, and brimming with nutrients.

Basil is a huge force filled with antioxidants, and anti bacterial agents. It aids in caring for your liver, by flushing out horrible toxins. I also like to add some apple cider vinegar to give it a punch. Trust me you won’t taste is, but it’s really good for you.


Helps with: Weight loss & Flat tummy
What you will need:

2 teaspoons of ginger

1 sliced cucumber or Kiwi

1 lemon

2 sliced bananas

Mint leaves

Ginger speeds up your metabolism, which in return helps with over eating. Cucumbers are the perfect for weight loss, they are 95% water which makes them low in calories. Lemons suppress food cravings, because they are high in fiber. Drink up!

What is you favorite way to dress up your water?


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