How to Never Lack Time + My Favorite Blogging Tools

Before I get into today’s post, you may or may not have noticed blog post disappearing form byjonniemarch. This is due to the new direction I am going in for this blog.

This will now be a blog that focuses mainly on  all things blogging and blogging tips. There will be a few lifestyle post similar to this post; 8 Shonda Rhimes Quotes That Will Inspire You to Chase Your Dreams This Week, but for the most part you will be able to come here for all your blogging needs. You can now go check out my exciting project here.

Blogging full time can slowly become very time consuming, when you’re answering emails, writing post, and editing photos you can easily feel like you’re lacking time. When you want to do it all, it’s easy to feel short on time.

“Too much to do with not enough time” If this is a quote you relate to check out my top time saving tips below. Plus my favorite blogging tools.

In my 30 lifestyle changes for healthy + happy living I mentioned that it is important to admit that multitasking makes you less effective. If you know the work is important don’t multitask. When you attempt to focus your efforts between several different task, your work becomes less effective. When you try to multitask it can become frustrating. You may end up not feeling as productive as you would want to. Focus on one task at a time, and don’t let your brain convince you it is possible to do absolutely everything. When you have a paper to write, focus on writing the best paper. If you have emails to answer, focus on answering those emails. A good tip that helped me is to only keep no more than two tabs open on my computer so I am not distracted. 


Something I have recently started doing is writing blog post in bulk. I will write as much as I can during the weekend because that is when I have the most free time. I like to get no more than three post wrote and ready to be published. So throughout the week I can post them on different days of the week. If you go to school full time, or work a full time job it is especially important to write in bulk. If you do take this route, be sure to keep quality in every post, basically don’t post just to post. You can also do this for blog photography as well. If you have bulk photos you don’t have to stress about photos throughout the week.


As a blogger you will get tons of emails every week. Whether it be affiliate program offers, PR offers, or readers with questions. Your most likely not going to be answering every single email you get, and it can become overwhelming. A great way to wrap your head around getting so many emails is to create email templates. This way you have a short and sweet email to send out. You won’t have to type out a full response every time, you can just easily copy and paste. If you find that you are not interested in some ones offer you shouldn’t feel the need to have a long drawn out explanation. You can easily say you’re not interested, and thank them for their offer. You can also create different email templates, for offers you are interested in, and other blog-related things.

When it comes to creating blog images, it can take some time to get the perfect look. If you want your brand to stand out, it is important for your images and colors to be consistent. You can create graphic templates and save them. Then use them each time you want to create a Pinterest image.


I’m always thinking of blog ideas at the most random times, and I use to jot them down in random places. I recently bought a mini journal where I will write down different blog post ideas. I carry it around in my purse so as soon as an idea comes to me I can write it down. You can also use your phone and type them out on your notes as well, I just prefer to write things down. It does not have to be the entire title just an ideal or a couple of words. You can than expand on it later when you sit down on your computer.


Being I am a full time student, and working part time does not allowed me a ton of free time. I rarely have time to sit down on my computer and manually update all of my social media handles. I have never been a huge fan of using Facebook. Although it’s still important for me to have a strong presence there. Each time I publish a post there are automatically published to Twitter when I use the Revive Old Post plugin.

Tailwind is a tool that is great for scheduling Pinterest post, which is a great way to drive traffic to your blog.  It can be hard to make sure all your social media is constantly updated manually. So if you struggle to wrap your head around it all, having your post sent out automatically will be a huge help. If you do choose this option, make sure to also spend a couple minutes interacting with your readers and followers as well.

What are your favorite time management tips?


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