7 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Driving traffic to your blog can be a daunting task, it require lots of time and dedication. Below are 7 ways to increase your blog traffic and how I tripled my page views this month.

Why Start a Blog?

  • Creative Outlet
  •  Friendship & Blogging Community
  • Inspire others through your content
  • Accountability 
  •  Side Hustle & Passive Income
  • New & fun hobby
  • Continuous Learning 

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An Appealing Unique Web Design

Investing in a unique design is going to be what makes your blog stand out among the rest. It doesn’t necessarily matter what type of design you have whether it has bright colors or is black and simple. You want to have a design that is easy to navigate, and personal to you. Using a free theme will work when you first get started, but after a while you definitely want to invest in a design that is going to grow your blog’s brand. I started off with a fee design, because I was on a budget. I updated my design all most two months ago, and I immediately saw a rise in my traffic.

If you are on a budget, there are a lot of inexpensive websites (99designs, Creativemarket) where you can find beautiful designs. If you are on a more flexible budget a good route would be to hire a designer and a developer to create a special design. You can then work together with them to create something you love, and that you are proud of. 

Write Helpful Content + Share Buttons

Create content that is somehow helpful to your readers. When you create useful content it is more likely to be shared among social media. Your readers will be more likely to pin your content for later, and share it with their friends. They can’t share your content if there are no share buttons, so make sure you have visible share buttons.

Creating A Strong Social Media Presence

It is an investment to get your name out there on social media, because of all the time and push it takes to get people to follow you and engage. Having a social media following will help to grow your blog, and with getting organic traffic. There are a lot of not authentic ways to gain followers out there. I would recommend steering away from those apps, and follower trains, they won’t help you gain authentic traffic. With that being said your following won’t grow by the thousands overnight it will take time. Being your authentic self is the best way to gain followers that actually follow you because they genuinely want to.

Being most of us have full-time jobs sometimes time will become our biggest investment. There are social media schedules like Tailwind (affiliate link)(Pinterest scheduler), Twuffer (Twitter scheduler), and Later (Instagram scheduler) that can help you save a little time when you first get  started. Not to mention keeping up with so many social sites can be overwhelming. It can be hard to manually post everyday that is why I recommend signing up for social media schedulers.

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– Pinterest SEO

When you scroll through your Pinterest dashboard you have probably noticed your pins no longer show up in a chronological order. Instead Pinterest now has a smart feed that uses its algorithm to figure out the kind of content that you are most interested in, and that is what will show up on your Pinterest feed.

To make sure your pins get seen by the “smart feed” you need to be sure to use Pinterest SEO. By using Pinterest SEO even users who do not follow you will  get to see your pins. First things first you need to make sure your website is verified, and sign up for rich pins. When you have rich pins, which I highly recommend you get. Pinterest will have your pin description under all of your images. Adding text over your image will help your image to stand out even more. Pinterest users will automatically know what to expect when they click on your post. Another way to utilize Pinterest SEO is to make sure your image names, board descriptions, pin descriptions, and Pinterest profile all include relevant keywords. Pinterest SEO is huge in order to make sure your Pinterest profile gets optimized, and in return bring massive traffic to your blog.

Re-pin old post + Share on Social Media

Schedule an update on Facebook, post to Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or LinkedIn, and then pin it againRevive Old Post is a great plugin that will help you with sending out automatic tweets linking to and promoting your old posts on Twitter and Facebook. Tailwind is also another great app that helps you to schedule your pins. It gives you an insight into your analytics where you can see which pins and/or boards are performing the best, but we will get to that in another post. Scheduling my pins to post automatically has changed everything. Don’t be afraid to re-pin old post and delete pins that are not performing well you never know they may go viral years later. That is why it is very important to update old post with Pinterest friendly images. 

Create a Roundup Post + Interlink your posts

To bring more traffic to older post a good idea is to create a roundup post. What this means is you will create a post where you round up and link up your best content. For example, your top spring beauty post, best blogging tips. This way your new readers can see your old content all conveniently in one place.

Be Consistent

Growing your blog and getting traffic is a lot of work. It takes time and lots of effort. A lot of people give up after a while, because they don’t see immediate results. Be consistent and patient you won’t see results overnight, but you will eventually get there. I didn’t start seeing any type of real traffic until a year in to my blog. Whatever you decide on make sure it is something you love, so you don’t burn out down the line and get bored. There are so many topics you can choose from. You will definitely learn while you go, so don’t be intimidated by other experienced bloggers.

Connect With Other Bloggers

Interacting with other fellow bloggers whether in your niche or a different one not only will bring you more traffic, but it is what makes blogging so unique. Always write meaningful comments with good intentions, but don’t be afraid to put a link back to your blog so others can check out your blog as well.

How do you drive traffic to your blog?

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