Hi, my name is Jonnie! Welcome to my website where I share beauty, inspiration, lifestyle, recipes and more. I have wanted to start a blog for so long, I am so excited to share my life. I am currently living in the beautiful Colorado. I have a unfathomable love for animals. I’m a unrepentant hopeful person, always choosing joy in my life. I love to travel, I love musicals, and photography.

Jonnie March is a beauty and lifestyle blog. I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts and inspire young women. I  was struggling with depression and decided to share my story, and help others who were struggling as well. I now focus on self-help and personal development. In addition to sharing my love for some of my favorite makeup and skincare products, I also share recipes, travel, and blogging tips as well as some advice for self-love, personal growth and happiness.


Name: Jonnie Davis

Age: 22

Where I’m from: Denver, Colorado

Where I live now: Phoenix, AZ




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