How I Got My First 200 Email Subscribers in 30 Days

Building your email list is another task that you have to take down, on the long list of blogging task. Trust me this one is worth it, if you have not set up your email list yet then you should make that your next goal. An email list offers so many opportunities for you and your readers. The best part? It is entirely yours , which means you can do pretty much anything you would like with it. In today’s post I share with you how I reached my first 200 email subscribers and the steps I took.

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What is an Email List?

An email list is a just that, a list of your very own subscribers who you can send out weekly campaigns (emails) to. If you are blessed enough to be tech savvy you can use coding to set up your own email list. For those of us who are not so blessed with these skills there are many many email marketing websites to get you set up. During my research I came across both MailChimp and MailerLite. They are both perfect for beginner bloggers: with MailChimp you can take advantage of the FREE plan up until you hit 2,000 subscribers. With MailerLite it is FREE for your first 1,000 subscribers, but with the free plan you still have access to all the features including email automation and landing pages. I currently use MailerLite because I found it to be extremely simple and straight forward. Of course always do your own research, but you can easily switch over to a more manageable email marketing website if you have a change of heart.

Why Do I Need A Email List?

Many beginner bloggers think that setting up a email list is pointless when you first begin blogging, but  if you have a blog (no matter how new) you need an email list. You  will be  selling your self short if you do not have an email list. A email list is extremely valuable, and the best part it is yours. You get to control what you send out, how often, and why. A email list creates the perfect chance for you to get to know your audience on a personal level and vice versa. Therefore creating a trustworthy relationship. If you ever decide to sell a product or service you already have a list of potential buyers.

How Do I Set Up My Mailing List?

Setting up your email list can be difficult, because there is so much that goes into it. If you are looking for one on one help to set up your email list,make sure to stay to the end of the post! I am offering one on one coaching sessions for setting up your email list currently! I would be very happy to assist you with the full process of setting up, creating opt-in offers, and showing you how to create your first email. You can also visit here to see the services I offer.

How I Reached my First 200 Subscribers.

Created a Opt-in

An opt-in is anything that you can give someone in exchange for their email address. An opt-in can be in the form of a:

– E-book
– Email course
– Mini eCourse
– Workbook
– Worksheets
– Video or tutorial
– PDF guides
– Printables

Here is an example of my first opt-in

Figure out what your readers want and deliver, your goal is to create value and help your readers in some way. Why should someone sign up for your email list? This is the question you should ask yourself when coming up with a free opt-in. You need to bring them some type of value or incentive. Offer a quick solution to a problem your readers may have.  My first opt-in offer, is a PDF of a list of the best WordPress plugins to grow your brand. I knew this would be insightful and helpful because I see this question asked on Facebook almost every day.

So here is the break down, create a valuable opt-in, create a sign up list for your PDF/ worksheet/ guide etc create the sign up form, and got the web link for the form. Lastly add your sign up sheet to your blog, and advertise your freebie.

The Best Ways to Advertise Your Opt-in
  • Advertise on Pinterest, create a graphic linking back to a landing page or specific post.
  • Place opt-in on sidebar, footer, and inside of blog post. You can either place it at the beginning or end of every post. Make sure it is very clear to see and looks nice.
  • Tweet about it, and post to your Instagram.
  • Insert a pop-up before someone leaves your website.

Not sure if you are ready to take on this task alone, well you don’t have to I am here to help! I am now offering Email coaching to anyone who needs the help.

This full value coaching service includes:

    • Assistance on setting up with MailerLite ( my current mail list provider)
    • I will help you with setting up your first campaign.
    • I will help you and walk you through setting up your first form/list.
    • Show you how to properly advertise your mailing list.
    • Help you to create an opt-in offer to get more subscribers for your list.

How it works: You will be contacted within 24 hours of purchase, from there we will discuss your vision for starting a mailing list . I will then walk you through all the steps to get set up on MailerLite, providing you a tutorial on how to create your first list. From there, I will help you with campaign set up, getting word out about your mailing list, and developing the opt-in offer.

Purchase below today for $40 OR email me at INFO@BYJONNIEMARCH.COM to get a free consultation.

Have any questions about opt-ins or email list leave them below!

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