The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Blogging

Blogging can be a fun and exciting hobby, but it can also be a great side hustle and a way to make a Passive Income. In today’s post I share with you all the ways you can make money blogging in any niche.

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Why Start a Blog?

  • Creative Outlet
  •  Friendship & Blogging Community
  • Inspire others through your content
  • Accountability
  •  Side Hustle & Passive Income
  • New & fun hobby
  • Continuous Learning

Before you start making money there are a few things you should do, and pay attention to.

What to Write About?

Before you get started you should probably plan out what you will write about, and what your “niche” will be. Whatever you decide on make sure it is something you love, so you don’t burn out down the line and get bored. There are so many topics you can choose from. You will definitely learn while you go, so don’t be intimidated by other experienced bloggers.

Preparing Your Blog For Monetization

Sign Up For Hosting + Register Your Domain

It can be intimidating to set up your first self-hosted blog, but it is actually a pretty easy process with just a few steps. The first step would be to visit SiteGround ( I highly recommend SiteGround, I have had the best experience with them so far) They have plans starting out as low as 3.95 a month. Use this link to get to get a 60% discount on your first hosting plan. The StartUp, and GrowBig will be your best options if you are just starting out. A year ago I invested in my own self-hosted WordPress blog with the intention of making passive income. Do you want to start a money-making blog? Check out this in depth guide on starting a profitable blog in a couple of minutes.

Overall Brand + Unique Web Design

Investing in a unique design is going to be what makes your blog stand out among the rest. It doesn’t necessarily matter what type of design you have whether it has bright colors or is black and simple. You want to have a design that is easy to navigate, and personal to you. Using a free theme will work when you first get started, but after a while you definitely want to invest in a design that is going to grow your blog’s brand. I started off with a fee design, because I was on a budget. I updated my design all most two months ago, and I immediately saw a rise in my traffic.

If you are on a budget, there are a lot of inexpensive websites (99designs, Creativemarket) where you can find beautiful designs. If you are on a more flexible budget a good route would be to hire a designer and a developer to create a special design. You can then work together with them to create something you love, and that you are proud of. 

Creating A Strong Social Media Presence

It is an investment to get your name out there on social media, because of all the time and push it takes to get people to follow you and engage. Having a social media following will help to grow your blog, and with getting organic traffic. There are a lot of not authentic ways to gain followers out there. I would recommend steering away from those apps, and follower trains, they won’t help you gain authentic traffic. With that being said your following won’t grow by the thousands overnight it will take time. Being your authentic self is the best way to gain followers that actually follow you because they genuinely want to.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Blogging For Every Niche

 How you can make money as a blogger!

Add advertisements to your blog

This is one of the easiest ways to make a profit from your blog. Adding Ads are my favorite type of monetization because once you add them you don’t have to do anything else. You literally can make money while you are fast asleep! When you sign up for an ad network like Google Adsense,, or Mediavine they’ll put ads on your site. And when people see and/or click on it, you’ll get money. There are three types of Ads you can add on your blog; (CPC), cost-per-mille (CPM), or cost-per-action (CPA) advertising.

  • cost-per-click: You get paid for every click you generate. 
  • cost-per-mille: CPM advertisements you get paid for every 1,000 (mile) impressions on an advertisement.
  • cost-per-action: You get paid for every action that is completed such as a sale or generating a lead for an advertiser.

Affiliate Marketing; Partner with Relevant Brands

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a company’s service or product. You can promote a product through a special text link or through a banner. Each link is tracked via a special link so companies know when to pay you. Every time a reader clicks your link or banner and makes a purchase, you receive a small commission, and sometimes a compensation depending on the company. It is important that you choose an affiliate partnership that is right for you and your audience.

My Favorite Afiilate programs + A Good Place to Start


Awin partners you with a variety of brands worldwide. Many of their brands are known world wide like Hyatt, Etsy, and Nike. There are brands for every niche travel, lifestyle, finance, and beauty. The best part about joining Awin is the opportunity to promote Etsy products. Easy is a huge marketplace with sellers promoting their own WordPress themes, homemade products, clothing, graphics, stock photos and jewelry there are so many ways you can promote Etsy in different blog post on your blog. When you sign up, they require you to pay a $5 deposit that can be returned to you in whole later when you get your first payment.

Click here to sign up for Affiliate Window (Awin)!


I love staying at Airbnb,  They offer great alternatives to staying at a hotel or hostel. You can offer your readers $40 in travel creditAfter they book their first trip, you get $20 of travel credit The perfect travel niche affiliate programThe Many Pros of Using Airbnb & How To Use it Plus a Coupon Code For Your Next Vacation

Promote Your Hosting Company

If you are signed up with your own hosting company, you can start recommending them to others and earn a commission. My blog is hosted by Siteground, and when you sign up for Siteground’s hosting, you are automatically eligible for their affiliate and referral program.

Share a Sale

ShareASale is a great affiliate program for bloggers, and influencers. They have a huge base of well-known brands for bloggers in every niche!

Sponsored Post

You can work with brands to write up sponsored post, you will then be compensated in some way to write the post. Reaching out to  your favorite brands to get the opportunity to work with them is a great way to get a sponsored post. Or you can sign up for blogger networks that connect you to advertisers who want to work with bloggers and social media influencers. You usually won’t start working with brands until you get a good following. Until then you can work on making quality, and valuable blog post. Some blogger networks to join:


Another way you can monetize your blog is by creating and selling your own products. Whether it is through a eBook, e-course, or printable there are plenty of different routes you can take. Not sure if you have anything worth selling? Look through the blog post you already have on your blog can you expand on that topic. Can you package it into a digital product? Are you very creative or have a special talent? Can you turn that into a printable or worksheet. The options are endless.

This is probably my favorite way to monetize my blog because you have total control of what you put out, and how you market your product. If you want to help others and create additional income for your blog this is perfect for you. I am currently working on my own digital product right now, and have one product I have already created. My favorite tool when it comes to creating my own digital products is hands down SendOwl. They make selling digital products effortless, and you can even sign up for fellow bloggers affiliate programs. If you are planning to sell your own digital product you must go through SendOwl I couldn’t be more satisfied with their services and customer service team. Click here to check them out!

More Tips…

Add a Popular Post Widget + Monetize Popular Post

If you look through your analytics, you may find that some of your post are more popular than others they may even be post you wrote months ago. The best way to get those post out in the open, and readily available to your new readers is to add a Popular Post Widget on your sidebar or home page. The best way to do this is to use a plugin or set it up manually. You can then monetize those post by adding Ads or affiliate links.

Resource page

A resource page is a great way to make good use of affiliate links. Every niche can create a resource page, a resource page is a place your readers can get resources on a certain topic whether it be blogging, or traveling on a budget. You can monetize your resources page with relevant affiliate links. Here is my resource page if you want an example. Resource Page.

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