Although I love to write and obsess over different beauty regimens, and tips. I believe that natural beauty merits equitable attention. While applying makeup can be an enjoyable hobby, and a form of self-expression. Enhancing your natural beauty and features is something that should be justly as meaningful as applying makeup. Newly I have been enjoying not putting on makeup, and when I do, I wear a very minimal amount. I have been purchasing more skincare products that will help me get radiant clear skin. I’m even contemplating getting eyelash extensions to avoid wearing mascara because I have sensitive eyes. Now that I have not been wearing much makeup I have been relishing in having a light fresh feeling to my face, and appreciating my natural features even more.

I have found that being more natural, and embracing my natural beauty has made me more confident in my own skin. Here are a couple of things you can do that will aide you in embracing your natural beauty.


How To Embrace + Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Apply makeup with a lighter hand, and be mindful of how much product you are applying.

Get in the habit of doing your skincare routine twice a day. The less products the better, but make sure they are effective.

Learn how to pluck and shape your own eyebrows. So you can clean them up yourself between the time you visit the waxing salon.

Don’t pick at your face, leave blemishes and pimples  alone. Try to avoid resting your hand against your face.

Apply moisturizer twice a day, apply sunscreen when you know you will be in the sun. If you have any acne scaring left over from acne. Sunscreen will help them from getting any darker, and you can treat them without any interruption. When I was treating my acne scaring and hyperpigmentation, they seemed to be getting darker even though I was using a treatment to get rid of them. I noticed it was because the sun was making them darker.

Choose makeup that is lightweight and light coverage.

Go makeup free as often as possible to gift your skin a break.

Purchase a good bb cream or tented moisturizer because it is a lot lighter than a foundation. It can cover up blemishes while your natural skin still peaks through.

Exfoliate twice a week both the face and body. To get rid of dead skin and bring forth new glowing skin.

Get in all hours of your beauty sleep.

Purchase makeup that will compliment your eye color, and complexion.

Deep condition your hair, and get a regular trim to get rid of split ends.

Drink lots of water, it really does do wonders for your skin. I can attest to this.

Eat fruits and vegetables high in vitamins. Eat foods high in Omega-3.

Get on a rigorous oral hygiene routine.

Get moving, go hiking, get in the gym It will make you feel refreshed and sweat out all the bad toxins.

Accentuate your eyes, and lips (features you love) with lipstick, mascara, and brow gel.

Smile more, and often.

I hope you all can embrace your natural beauty with these tips.

Good Luck!

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