How To Get The Most Out Of Every 24 Hours

Often times the 24 hours that we get in one day, can only feel like 12. Frequently 24 hours just does not seem to be enough time. While we rush about trying to balance our social lives, work and health. It can be hard to evenly proportion out time for each little thing in our lives. When we spend a great amount of time on one thing, something else gets neglected.

I have heaps of papers on my desk, and stacks of books I have bought waiting to be read. I promise myself every week that I’m going to deep clean the bathroom, but I always seem to never have enough time. While reflecting on my last week, I noticed I was spending way too much time on irrelevant, time wasters. I have lost so much time just sitting around. I decided to reclaim all of the vanished time, and truly dedicate my time to things that matter. Here is how I have been acquiring the maximum out of the 24 hours I am given, and how you can as well.


When I was younger I remember dreading the morning time. I despised waking up early, and going off to school. Now, I unquestionably love waking up early, and beginning my day.  The earlier the better, some people may be displeased by routine. For me there is something serene about participating in the same habits morning after morning.  The beginning of the day is so crucial, it establishes, and prepares you for the rest of the day.

When you get an early start, and a hearty breakfast in the morning. Your day will commence productively, and worthwhile. The earlier you wake up, the more time you will have to get things done. Make the best of your mornings, and start the day with a grateful heart. If you have to set a schedule for your day do it, this way you are able to have a clear goal of what you need to accomplish.


I am awful at saying no, I am always determined to help the next person. So whenever I am asked to do something, my answer is consistently yes. Need a baby sitter? Help with a project? I am your girl. If you’re not putting yourself first, you need to learn to say no. Politely, but firmly master the art of saying “no”. Be protective of your time and energy. It’s your time, so don’t feel guilty for turning down an invite, or request.


We all like to believe we are professionals at multitasking, this is a myth. One of the activities, out of the two we are trying to accomplish does not get our full attention. By trying to do it all, especially at the same time is essentially a waste of time. I always find myself going back to complete a task, when I try to do more than one thing at a time.


Is there something you’re doing that is taking up too much of your time? Take some time to evaluate your past days.  What can you do to improve your day, and what do you need to get rid of?


Oftentimes we try to do it all, we find ourselves taking care of the house, work, and the kids. We neglect to take care of ourselves. If you have an extraneous week, the more time you will need to set aside to relax. Finding the time to tend to your mental health is extremely important. Take a deep breath. Take time to enjoy the small things in life.


As you eat, work, and go throughout your day be in that moment. Truly taste your food, passionately do your work, and devote yourself to your hobbies. Or else you find that you will miss most of your day. Many times we let our obsessions run our day, and take over our minds.

You have the ability to make the best out of every day, it is entirely up to you. It all depends on your attitude, motivation, perceptions, and thoughts.

How do you get the most out of everyday?

Good Luck 

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