How I Made My First 1k With Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing, What is it?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a company’s service or product. You can promote a product through a special text link or through a banner. Each link is tracked via a special link so companies know when to pay you. Every time a reader clicks your link or banner and makes a purchase, you receive a small commission, and sometimes a compensation depending on the company. It is important that you choose an affiliate partnership that is right for you and your audience.

This post contains affiliate links to keep this blog running.

A year ago I invested in my own self-hosted WordPress blog with the intention of making passive income. Do you want to start a money-making blog? Use this link to get a 60% discount on your first hosting plan!

A breakdown of where I made my affiliate income from.

$550 Awin (Affiliate Window)

$250 SiteGround

$100 ShareASale

$100 Linqia

Technically I made $1050, but I just rounded it down to $1000, to make the tittle prettier. I also wanted to mention this was made over a span of one months time.

Most of my affiliate income has come from Awin, and SiteGround. Awin is an affiliate marketing network that partners you with a variety of brands worldwide. The best part about joining Awin is the opportunity to promote Etsy products. Which is where I earned most of my affiliate sales from on Awin. Click here to join Awin!

SiteGround is my hosting company which I promote here on my blog.  I have had only positive experiences with them. They are always really supportive whenever I come across a problem on my website or when something goes wrong on my site. SiteGround’s  hosting plans are very reasonable, and have amazing customer service. They are having a Fourth of July sale if you are looking for a new hosting company to join. Click here to get %70 off your hosting plan!

ShareASale is another affiliate marketing network, that works with many brands. I use them to promote Tailwind and PicMonkey.

Linqia is a blogger network that connects influencers with brands. Thy also have an affiliate (referral) program where you can earn a commission for every person you refer. Click here to sign up for Linqia!

Don’t Break Your Readers Trust & Be Authentic

This just means don’t sell out to make a quick buck. You may be tempted to write blog post full of affiliate links, so you can make as much as possible. This is not the right way to start earning, if you are pushing links on to your readers every post. It will be very transparent, and your readers may start not to trust what you recommend because it doesn’t feel genuine.  You will potentially be earning money from what someone buys during their session. So you want to make sure your recommendations are genuine. If you are recommending any old items for the sake of earning money, you may be responsible for someone spending money on a crappy product. A fun way to promote a product is to Show your readers how a product can benefit them by writing a “how-to” guide.

Promote Your Hosting Company in A “How to start a blog post”

If you are signed up with your own hosting company, you can start recommending them to others and earn a commission. My blog is hosted by Siteground, and when you sign up for Siteground’s hosting, you are automatically eligible for their affiliate and referral program. Siteground is amazing by the way, and beats out more popular hosting websites in my opinion. They install WordPress for you within minutes. They have amazing 24/7 customer service. One morning my site was down after updating WordPress in 15 minutes they solved my problem and gave me tips how I could prevent it from happening in the future. Create a how to start a blog post and insert your hosting affiliate links. Don’t forget to disclose your affiliate links.

Don’t Forget About Old Post

When I first started utilizing affiliate links I went back to old post to see if there were any opportunities to place a link. There were a lot of places where I had talked about a product, so I was able to go back and insert a link for that product. If you are just starting out, there is a high chance you previously written a post that can be updated and monetized.

Talk About What You Know

If you have a product you absolutely love, don’t be afraid to let your readers know why you love it. The best thing to do is to write a paragraph about your experience with the product, instead of just inserting a single link. Connect with readers by providing a personal experience with the company, or a photo of you using the product! This shows your readers that you actually know what you are talking about. Not only will it show them you previously purchased it, but that you actually use the item. When you write about your personal experience with the product you sound less like a commercial, but more like a friend who is just recommending a product to another fried because you yourself had such a good experience. You want your readers to trust you, not to pull away from you.

Resource Page

A resource page is a great way to make good use of affiliate links. Every niche can create a resource page, a resource page is a place your readers can get resources on a certain topic whether it be blogging, or traveling on a budget. You can monetize your resources page with relevant affiliate links. Here is my resource page if you want an example. Resource Page.

And Lastly….

Staying True

You will potentially be earning money from what someone buys during their session. So you want to make sure your recommendations are genuine. If you are recommending any old items for the sake of earning money, you may be responsible for someone spending money on a crappy product.


Have you earned anything from affiliate marketing yet?

Have any questions leave them below!

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