I always catch myself spending so much money paying to get my nails done at the salon. I spend at least $100 dollars a month just to get a manicure. I went from spending $100 dollars a month to $0 when I started doing my own nails at home.  Don’t get me wrong I love going and getting papered every now and then, but saving money will always come in handy as well. I love to do my nails at home myself, but I seem to never have enough time to paint them every single week because I’m so busy.

Chipped nails never look good on anyone, the secret to a long-wearing manicure is to care for your cuticles and nails. Taking your time, and using a quality nail polish. Here are my tips for how I avoid chipped nails throughout the week.


Lightly clean up your nails with a nail polish remover, acetone-based nail polish removers work the best. This will prep your nails for applying a new nail polish. This will dry out your nails and remove excess oils that is sitting on your nails which will allow the nail polish to stick better.

Whatever you do don’t skip nail prep. A great way to prep your nails for polish is a good base coat, it will make a huge difference to the finished results.  It will stop your nails from staining, and help maintain your manicure for a long time. I love the Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat. Be gentle with your nails in order to not damage them. If your nails are already damages, try using the Butter London 
’Horse Power(TM)’ Nail Rescue Base coat – No Color it did wonders for my damaged nails. Be careful not to be too hard on your nails use a gentle hand, and when you file them make sure it is all one way rather than back and forth it causes breakage to your nails and makes them fragile.


When you apply your nail polish use thin coats, and build up the color. If you just do two heavy coats they will be inclined to chip a lot quicker. Whenever you do thin coats your nail polish will dry a lot faster, and you won’t have to sit waving your hands for thirty minutes. Apply your nail polish slowly and don’t forget the edges of your nails. Seal your nail polish with a top coat to insure there is no chipping.


Preserve your manicure by tending to your cuticles and your hands. When you take extra care of your hands and cuticles your manicure will be protected a lot longer. Your manicure will also look a lot more charming with moisturized hands. Using an oil on your cuticles at night will help them stay healthy — your nails will grow a lot stronger. My favorite oil is this drugstore coconut oil.


Your nail polishes should always be put away in a warm place, away from sunlight or heat. Keep them out of your bathroom if you don’t want to shorten their shelf life.  Bathrooms tend to be bright and the temperature is constantly changing due to the shower turning off and on. A good place to store them would be the fridge. Yes, the fridge, by keeping it a cool place you extend its shelf life-it keeps your polish extremely smooth and easy to apply. If you find that your nail polish has become goopy, try using thinner drops to restore the consistency. Never shake your nail polish, instead rub the bottle between your heads to make like new.

I remove my nail polish every 7 to 8 days. When I follow these steps my manicure never chips, and stays neat for up to 10 days. Before I paint them again I like to wait a few days to gift them a break-then I will repaint them.



 Does you manicure last all week?

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