Recently, I had to engage in some forgiving in my life lately, I was just reflecting on how important it is to forgive. With the New Year only a couple of weeks away I thought I would share with you guys the importance of forgiveness.

” Forgiving another may be the ultimate act of self-love. Through forgiveness you can quit suffering from the sins committed against you. By holding-on to resentment you allow them to have power over you. Forgiving takes your power back.” — Bryant McGill

Often times we get hurt by people we love, people we really care about. We get our hearts broken by the important people in our life. We want them to know how bad that they hurt us, and sometimes want them to feel it as well. When I was in grade school, I was forced to leave my childhood home where I had lived for 8 years. As a single mom my mother strived to care for five kids. It certainly wasn’t without adversity. I resented my mom for her inability to provide the necessary necessities for the children she had brought into the world. Instead of enjoying my high school experience, I was continually apprehensive about my home life. I felt life was unfair an unjustifiable.

When I look back on those rough days, I realized not only was I much stronger because of it. I was able to gain a new perspective of life in general, and I was able to meet different inspired individuals, who I was able to learn from. I made connections with people who helped to send me off to college, and help me live an improved life.

Toxic experiences, and people often leave us with the most painful memories. We find ourselves trapped by the past, tied to the people who have hurt us. We drive ourselves insane with terrible thoughts preventing our self from progressing forward in life. The only way for us to free our minds is to forgive others, as well as ourselves. It is extremely important to learn the art of forgiveness, so we don’t walk around feeling trapped by the past.

When we are unable to forgive, we unwillingly hold ourselves back from manifesting in our lives. We hold on to animosity, and resentment. We refuse to move on from the past, and we live our lives stuck dwelling on the past. At twenty  years old I was still blaming my mom for the lack of love, for her mistakes. I was holding myself back from the wonderful opportunities in life, because I was so stuck on being angry at my mother. We all have someone we need to forgive, or someone who needs to forgive us. We all are a little broken, but that doesn’t mean we are destined to live miserable lives. When we allow ourselves to forgive the ones who has harmed us we leave space in our lives to not only heal, but grow.


 Forgiving Yourself  
” Forgive yourself. Not just once. Again, and again, and again. As many times as it takes to find peace. “- Unknown


Most importantly, oftentimes it is ourselves we need to forgive the most. It is just as meaningful as forgiving others, if not more meaningful. I can’t tell you how many times I had to forgive myself for everything I did wrong, and all the innocent mistakes I have made. You might find yourself feeling guilty, by the things you’ve messed up in life. Guilt is such a toxic feeling. Forgive yourself. Love yourself.

I hope you all can find the strength to forgive yourself and others in the New Year.

How do you handle forgiving others?



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