Can we talk about how important mental health is? How a high number of individuals will battle some sort of mental illness in their life. Whether it be anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or addiction. How they will feel ashamed and feel the need to hide it from their family and friends. How there will be days when you wake up and you don’t want to leave your bed because your mind has been taken over by depression. For two years I suffered from mental health issues. It was easily the lowest two years of my life. I thought I would briefly share my story with you. To bring awareness to how important it is to keep your mental health a priority.

Before I ventured off to college, only five hours away from my hometown. I remember having large ambitions, I was hopeful ready to chase my dreams. I wanted to get a pragmatic education. I wanted to learn new things while I was at college. I wanted to travel, and try new things.  I wanted to discover the fascination of the Universe, and live to see the end. I had the fantasy of changing the way the world worked, to bring people together.

A year into college I found myself being unmotivated, I had no ambition to keep up with my studies. No desire to hang out with friends, who would invite me out. My passion for life was slowly disappearing, and I couldn’t figure out why. I remember crying in my dorm room all by myself, but pretending to be fine when I went out in public.  I remember sitting in my dorm room contemplating ending my life, thinking how I never wanted to live another day. I had begun to ask myself why? What was the point of life? Why should I care about my happiness or anyone else’s happiness for that matter?

It wasn’t until I was brave enough to finally get help, that I started to battle my depression. I spent months fighting against my mind. It wasn’t until someone said to me one day;

“ I can understand the feeling of not knowing or understanding the point of living when all you do is struggle.

Hopefully one way or another life will change for you, and simply living your life will bring you happiness.”


That my attitude about life begin to change. Obviously it took a lot more than one measly saying, but it was a huge turning point in my life.

Don’t let anyone convince you  that “you just need to be happy.” Or make you feel guilty for staying in bed all day.  Especially someone who has never experienced a similar pain. This post goes out to anyone who is suffering.  Recognize that this time in your life will undoubtly past, it is not forever. As cliché as it might sound it really does get better. With the right support, love, and with time. If you know someone dealing with a mental health illness be there for them, fight for them, and show them unconditional love.

If you ever need to talk, always feel free to email me.

Good Luck



 Image Courtesy of blubmber

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