10 Ways to Quiet an Anxious Mind

Last week was an intensely stressful week for me to say the least. So on top of the lengthy to do list I had, and the heaps of studying I had to finish. I’m sitting at work, and I get a text from my boyfriend reminding me that I have a doctor’s appointment. I involuntarily freak out, knowing I have to get two shots throughout my checkup.

When I was a child was utterly terrified of needles, and not much has changed. On the floor sobbing, can’t catch my breath scared. I will avoid going near any needle at all cost, so just the thought of visiting the doctor gave me a full on panic attack. I was anxious the whole night, and couldn’t focus on anything. Oftentimes our fears and phobias can leave us with a restless mind. We tend to get exceptionally anxious before a substantial event, or in my case a doctor’s appointment. Here are some of the ways I soothe an uneasy mind.


Cry it out 
Feeling anxious is natural. Breath and know everything will be okay!
 How do you deal with an anxious mind?
Good Luck
  • Warm N Fuzzie

    All of these tips work really well for me but my favorite is meditation. I always feel like a new person afterwards. I also use DoTerra Oils. Have you tried them? I’m not a salesperson but they do wonders for my anxiety.


    • byjonniedavis

      I have not tried them, but always looking for things to help. Good Luck xoxo

  • I’ve been struggling with anxiety over one issue latily and I’ve been trying to stop and do deep breathing when it’s bothering me and well as change my thoughts to be thankful about the situation. Being thankful seems to be the harder of the two

    • byjonniedavis

      It can be hard, especially when you are just trying to control your breathing. Good luck xoxo

  • Valerie

    This is such a wonderful post. My grown daughter also has a terrible needle phobia. She has actually had to go to therapy for it! It has been a struggle for her since she was just a little girl and has often just passed out from being overly anxious. I love your suggestions for soothing anxiety, I am pinning this so that I can share it with her later. Hope your doctors appointment went smoothly. Sending a hug your way. xoxo

    • byjonniedavis

      Thank you, I’m glad to know I’m not alone! I can definitely relate to her, but these tips really do help so much. xoxo

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