5 Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness In Your Daily Life

For most of us, we are only ever half living in the present moment. The other half of us is worried about the future and whats to come. Or even anxious about the past. We may be  thinking about what we’re going to have for dinner, when we should be focused on work.

I am someone who is constantly anxious about the future. Someone who use to worry about  every single thing. One day I had to literally ask myself “Do you want to live in the past or the present?” I have been practicing being more mindful in my everyday life and have I have seen a tremendous change in my attitude  towards life.

It can be hard to live in the present moment when you have so much going on, and you are constantly living in your own head. The problem with this is we end up missing out on most of our lives. Below I show you how you can start being more present and mindful in your everyday life.

1. Observe Your Thoughts

Being mindful can be hard when you have a lot on your mind. When your stressed or worried about work. You feel anxious about your mind wandering off, and it can be hard to quiet your mind.

When you simply become aware of your thoughts, and observe them in a non-judgmental way as they come and go. You instantly become more present. A good way to practice this is climbing into bed, getting rid of all distractions. Laying in complete silence for five minutes. Let every thought come and let it go, and don’t be afraid to have uncomfortable thoughts.

2. Get Lost In The Things You Love to Do

Sometimes we practice mindfulness without trying. You know when you get lost in doing the things you truly love. Whether it be dancing, writing, creating, cooking, or running. Whatever you love to do be sure to do it, and often. We let go of our anxious thoughts and worries because we get caught up in doing the things we love. Life can get busy, but if you incorporate more activities that you love to do in your everyday life. You will notice a big change in your life.

3. Observe Your Breathing

Being that our breathing happens naturally, and it is not something we have to work to do. We rarely pay attention to it. When you concentrate on your breathing it takes you out of your mind, and connects you to the present moment. 3 second inhale, 2 second hold and 4 second exhale.  Focusing on your breathing can also help if you struggle with anxiety. You can do breathing exercises that calm your mind, and rid of an anxious mind.  

4. Unlearn Multi-tasking

We all like to believe we are experts at multitasking, this is a myth. When we try to do multiple things at once, we become less productive. You may think multitasking helps you to get more work done faster, but it really just makes things more complicated for yourself. When you have multiple things you need to get done it’s a great time to practice mindfulness. Focusing on one task at a time, and truly focusing on that task. Aides in getting things done correctly the first time.

By asking yourself “what needs to get done today? What can be left for tomorrow? What do I need to prioritize?” will help you to center yourself, and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

5. Practice Being More Present

It’s often hard to be present, when your mind is constantly going. It isn’t always easy to live in the moment; it requires lots of practice and effort. A good way to start practicing being in the present moment is observing your breathing, “Mindfulness bells”, and pausing between actions. The sound of your phone ringing, or the clock chiming. Whenever you hear those sounds you pause, and become aware of your breathing and relax your mind. Throughout the day taking time to stop and think “what am I doing right now, am I being present? What can I smell, feel, hear etc.? Where are my thoughts wandering off to?”

It does not have to be a big production, it can be done during simple things like driving home from work, washing dishes, cooking dinner, or folding laundry. When you find you your mind wandering off to what you have to do at work tomorrow. Bring it back to the present moment pay attention to the smell of your laundry, how soft it feels. When you throw attention and love into simple task. You will notice how much peace, and happiness they bring you. “One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living.

“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”
—  Dale Carnegie

* Take a deep breath sense what it feels like to be alive in this moment. Be happy for this moment that is your life.

How do you practice mindfulness?

  • Good post!

  • Nicole Stone

    I definitely have to practice being more present. Funny how we keep living for the future and forget about today. Good post!

  • Imani A. O’Blige

    Mindfulness is a mandatory practice towards operating in your authenticity!


  • Hey Jonnie, thank you for this great post! I’ve been slowly adding mindfulness, gratitude and meditation to my days and I’ve never, ever considered your point no. 2 which makes perfect sense! I think this tip can be of great help for people struggling with mindfulness, feeling inadequate or too busy for it. Loved this post!

  • Kari Carter

    Love these! This year I’ve really focused on being more present and I am so much happier!

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