5 Healthy Foodie Accounts to Follow on Instagram For Major Food Envy

Who does’nt love scrolling through their Instagram feed? Instagram is an amazing place to find inspiration, ideas, and to connect with other like minded people. A big misconception is that eating healthy means a salad every night paired with a green smoothie. This misconception could not be further from the truth.

Eating healthy does not have to be boring and bland, and these five healthy foodie accounts will prove it. Whether you are just starting to embark on a healthier lifestyle or you are looking for some new ideas. Thanks to these food bloggers and their Instagram feeds you will never run out of healthy ideas.

Minimalist Baker

30-minute Shawarma Hummus Dip with Baked Chickpeas by Minimalist Baker.

How amazingly yummy does this Hummus dip look? Minimalist Baker is the number one food blogs to follow if you enjoy a quick recipe with minimal ingredients. They are extremely healthy, nutritious, and most are plant-based and gluten-free.

Loni Jane

Maple toasted Rawnola by Loni Jane

Beautiful clean and lean. Loni Jane is a amazing plant-based blogger who features beautiful shots of her latest creations, shots of her famous veggie bowls, and quick and easy plant-based meal ideas.

Elsa’s Wholesome Life

Spiced sweet potato and lentil soup + crispy kale from Elsa’s Wholesome Life.

If you are embarking on a healthy lifestyle journey, you must follow  Elsa’s Wholesome Life.  Elsa is all about eating more Plants, and living a healthier life. A food and lifestyle blogger who features her travel and recipe in the most beautiful way. You will fall in love with her Instagram photography.

Fit Living Eats

Zesty Lemon Energy Bites by fitlivingeats

Fit living eats is a food blogger promoting nutritious eats and sustainable lifestyle habits. Her Instagram account is filled with so many healthy plant-based snacks, drinks, and meals. 


Pumpkin Pasta by Sobeautifully Raw.

Food made with care and cooked to perfection. Sobeautifullyraw (Sam) on Instagram features a variety of amazing recipes including raw desserts, planet-based food, and vegan food. Her vegan donuts, and cheesecake are heaven sent.

Looking for even more healthy food ideas? Check out the post below.

Do you follow any of these Instagram accounts?

Who are your favorite healthy foodie accounts to follow on Instagram?


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