5 Investments Worth Making For Your Blog If You Plan to Make a Profit

The word investing may sound a bit scary, it may sound like a huge commitment. It is making the leap from blogging as a hobby to treating your blog more like your business. Although the biggest investment you will make when it comes to your blog is your time and effort. There are a few investments that are worth the money that will unquestionably benefit your blog. As someone who is on a budget, it can be hard to throw around money for every new blogging app or scheduler. You can still have an amazing blog without spending a lot of money, all you really need are these five main investments, and your blog will grow from there. 

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A Self-Hosted Blog

When you sign up for a hosting service they will provide the service of a domain name, they offer intensive assistance for technical support on your site. You will not only be able to  monetize your site, but also show that you are very serious about blogging. Switching to a self-hosted blog is a lengthy process, but is absolutely worth it. If you know you want to grow your blog a mass amount, and blog long-term you should really consider making the switch. I ran my blog on wordpress.com for six months with no issues, and had a few 100 viewers, but I had decided blogging was something I loved. I wanted to keep blogging long-term, so when I switched to self-hosted WordPress blog it was the ideal decision for me.  

Although choosing to switch to a self-hosted blog can be a stressful, and astonishing process. When I switched I immediately knew I made the right decision. When I first started blogging I used a popular name provider, it was what everyone else had done so I felt pressured to as well. I did tons of research on the different providers, and everyone seemed to recommend said provider. After using that ceartin provider for a few months I knew it wasn’t going to work for me. So I did some more research, I am currently hosting my blog with SiteGround (my affiliate link) and I highly recommend them. For their amazing service, their price, and fast set up. Do your own research, and see what is going to work best for you.

A Custom Domain

Purchasing a custom domain for your blog, makes a world of difference. It is one investment that is going to sky-rocket your traffic, and gets some branding for your blog started up. This is the first investment I would recommend starting with. I bought my domain with SiteGround where you get a free domain for life. Use this link to get a 60% discount on your first hosting plan. Take some extra time to choose a custom domain, and make sure it’s not already taken. You domain name will be unique to you, and your website so you want it to be good.

A Consistent Brand

You want to make sure you have a consistent brand across all social sites. Your colors, social media, and graphics should look similar so people know when it’s connected to your blog.  A lot of new bloggers will stress over getting a custom logo. Having a consistent custom logo is not as important because it only appears on your blog, although it is one of those aspects that you should invest in eventually. I recommend siting down and brainstorming what you what your overall brand to look like. I knew I wanted a minimalistic, yet feminine vibe so I chose colors like white, and black.

Creating A Strong Social Media Presence

It is an investment to get your name out there on social media, because of all the time and push it takes to get people to follow you and engage. Having a social media following will help to grow your blog, and with getting organic traffic. There are a lot of not authentic ways to gain followers out there. I would recommend steering away from those apps, and follower trains, they won’t help you gain authentic traffic. With that being said your following won’t grow by the thousands overnight it will take time. Being your authentic self is the best way to gain followers that actually follow you because they genuinely want to.

Being most of us have full-time jobs sometimes time will become our biggest investment. There are social media schedules like Tailwind (affiliate link)(Pinterest scheduler), Twuffer (Twitter scheduler), and Later (Instagram scheduler) that can help you save a little time when you first get  started. Not to mention keeping up with so many social sites can be overwhelming. It can be hard to manually post everyday that is why I recommend signing up for social media schedulers.

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An Appealing Unique Web Design

Investing in a unique design is going to be what makes your blog stand out among the rest. It doesn’t necessarily matter what type of design you have whether it has bright colors or is black and simple. You want to have a design that is easy to navigate, and personal to you. Using a free theme will work when you first get started, but after a while you definitely want to invest in a design that is going to grow your blog’s brand. I started off with a fee design, because I was on a budget. I updated my design all most two months ago, and I immediately saw a rise in my traffic.

If you are on a budget, there are a lot of inexpensive websites (99designs, Creativemarket) where you can find beautiful designs. If you are on a more flexible budget a good route would be to hire a designer and a developer to create a special design. You can then work together with them to create something you love, and that you are proud of. 

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