5 Beginner Friendly Tips to Using Google Analytics + How it Can Help You Understand Your Audience

Google Analytics is a huge part of blogging and website marketing. Not only does it give you extremely valuable information, but it comes into play when you begin to monetize your blog (sponsored post, affiliate links). You can use Google Analytics to track every aspect of your blog and gain valuable information on your audiance. Google Analytics is extremely easy to set up, but can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate due to the all the information. Below is an easy beginner friendly guide to help you navigate Google Analytics and better understand your audiance.

Real Time Traffic; Who is on my blog?

Curious who is on your blog right now? Google Analytics allows you to see how your readers are responding to a post in real time. To locate this information, find the navigation bar on the left of your screen. Click on <Real time> this will tell you exactly how many people are on your site in real live time, how they got there, what referred them, and what page they are reading. This is a perfect feature if you happen to send out an email to your subscriptions or make a huge change to your site. You can see how they respond to it, and what you should or can improve.

Most Popular Content

This feature is extremely essential, and why wouldn’t you want to know what content is performing the best on your blog? So you can create more of the same content. To find this information locate the left hand navigation bar click on Behavior > Site Content > All Pages in your analytics account, this is where you can see which pages on your site are getting the most views. Whatever information you learn about your site can help you to improve your site in many ways. You might discover that your recipe post does a lot better than your self-improvement post. Or maybe your lunch recipes are getting viewed more than your drink recipes. This can guide you in what topic to write about next.


This is a top feature on Google Analytics! If you don’t look at any other information, make sure you check this feature out. Have you ever asked yourself; How in the world are readers finding my blog or website? What social site drives the most traffic to my blog? To find this information locate Acquisition on the left navigation bar Acquisition > All Referrals. Here you can see all of your referrals aka how users are finding your site. Whether it is through Pinterest, Facebook, or another blog. Knowing this information can do wonders for your blog, and is very essential information to know.

Not only can you see your most popular referrals, but you can see how many sessions came from that referral, and how many visits did each site generate in any given time frame. You can also see if readers veered off to other pages on your site. This information is helpful because it lets you see where you need to promote more in order to get more referrals. (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.) Eighty-five percent of my traffic comes from Pinterest because of this I tell you how you can gain traffic and engagement from Pinterest here.

Google analytics can be overwhelming due to the all the information. Below is an easy beginner friendly guide to help you navigate google analytics.

Website Goals

This is probably one of my favorite features on google analytics. Partially because I’m obsessed with anything that involves goals or planning. The <goals> feature is the perfect opportunity to figure out what you want users to gain from your site? How many readers do you desire every month? What action do you want your readers to take? Subscribe or shop? What are your goals when it comes to your website? You can make a goal for anything regarding your website.

Whether this means gaining more subscribers for your mailing list, getting more views on a specific page or to get more referrals from a specific social site. The Goals feature can aid you in setting this up and following through with it. Setting up goals is extremely important when it comes to your website or blog. Mainly because the goals you have in your account tell you how your various efforts are performing.  Here’s more information on setting up goals on Google Analytics.

Where Does My Audience Live?

A pretty cool feature on Google Analytics is seeing where your users and readers are located geographically, their city, state, town etc. To find this information locate Audience on the left hand navigation bar Audience > Geo > Location. This information can be helpful because it can help you to actively reach a broader audience, and find a good time of the day to post depending on where your readers are in the world.

Still haven’t set up Google analytics, what are you waiting for? Go here to learn how to easily set it up. Interested in starting a blog, but don’t know how? Check out this beginners guide to starting a lifestyle blog. How to start a profitable lifestyle guide in three steps. Once you have set up your blog you can start making money right away with affillate links. Not sure how? This guide to making money with affilate links should help! How to use affilate marketing to monitize your blog and staart making money today.

What are your best tips for google analytics?

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