Over 50+ Networks to Join For Paid Blogging Opportunities

Blogging can be a fun and exciting hobby, but it can also be a great side hustle and a way to make a Passive Income. In today’s post I share with you over 50+ networks to join for paid blogging opportunities. Whether you have just created your first blog or you have been blogging for a while you will someday want to monetize your blog and successfully cover your blogging expenses.

Luckily there are numerous ways to get paid blogging opportunities. One of the easiest ways to find these opportunities is to use blogger networks and media companies. Blogger networks are groups of bloggers networking together joined by companies who offer paid blog opportunities for bloggers to apply to and partner with relevant brands. If you have any questions regarding any of these programs feel free to email me or sign up for a blog boss blog audit here.

Haven’t created a blog yet? What are you waiting for. Use this in depth guide to find out how; How to start a profitable blog in minutes. A year ago I invested in my own self-hosted WordPress blog with the intention of making passive income. Do you want to start a money-making blog? Use this link to get a 60% discount on your first hosting plan!

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Affiliate Programs

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Advertisement Companies


-Helpful Tips

-Don’t break your readers trust

This just means don’t sell out to make a quick buck. You may be tempted to write blog post full of affiliate links, so you can make as much as possible. This is not the right way to start earning, if you are pushing links on to your readers every post. It will be very transparent, and your readers may start not to trust what you recommend because it doesn’t feel genuine.  You will potentially be earning money from what someone buys during their session. So you want to make sure your recommendations are genuine. If you are recommending any old items for the sake of earning money, you may be responsible for someone spending money on a crappy product. A fun way to promote a product is to Show your readers how a product can benefit them by writing a “how-to” guide.

-Don’t forget about old post

When I first started utilizing affiliate links I went back to old post to see if there were any opportunities to place a link. There were a lot of places where I had talked about a product, so I was able to go back and insert a link for that product. If you are just starting out, there is a high chance you previously written a post that can be updated and monetized.

Are you looking for even more ways to make money from your blog? Check out these post and resources:


What are your favorite companies to work with for blogging opportunities?

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    Very useful list.

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    Hey! could you please explain the difference between the types? its a lot to take in and i’m very confused

  • This is a really helpful list. I’ll be bookmarking this page so I can start applying to the ones that are most appropriate to me. Thank you for sharing!

  • woww thank you soo much this will def come in handy!!


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    Thank you so much for sharing this, I shared on Pinterest for you earlier today, and will definitely be spending some time checking out a lot of the links.

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    Having so many problems with this, thanks for helping a little bit!

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