Over 50+ Ways to Promote Your Blog Post After Clicking Publish

Blogging is much more then writing up an amazing blog post and hitting “publish”. Once you hit “publish” the real work begins, after you’ve published your content you also will need to get people to actually read your content. At the beginning of my blogging journey I had the mind set that once I hit publish, people would just magically find my blog and get hooked on my content. Well, it is not that simple, getting your blog post in front of new eyes involves heavy promoting. Luckily, there are so many places you can promote your blog post after clicking publish. In today’s post, I’m sharing a few of those places. Don’t be afraid to think out side of the box when it comes to promoting your blog!

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  • Join relevant group boards, and pin and re pin to them. (Join my group board here!)
  • Pinterest Ad’s.
  • Schedule your pins on Tailwind.
  • Share to your Tailwind Tribe (Join mine here!)
  • Share on Pinterest promo threads on Facebook.
For this post “How I made my first $1k with Affiliate Marketing” I created this graphic, then I pined it to the board “Blogging Income”.


  • Share on your Facebook “fan” page! * WordPress has automatic feature for Facebook and other socials. Make sure it is checked off.
  • Share in all relevant FB groups * Make sure to follow the rules.
  • Create a Facebook ad to get more exposure.
  • Create your own Facebook group and share it there. (Join mine here!)
  • Share on promo threads, and themed post. i.e. Twitter Tuesday, Comment Sunday etc.
  • Share on your personal profile with close friends and family.
  • Leave your link as an answer for relevant topics and questions. Don’t be spammy!
Here I answered a question linking back to my relevant blog post on my best Pinterest strategies.


  • Send out a new email to your subscribers list to notify your subscribers of new blog posts.
  • Use Mailerlite to send out new blog post, and take advantage of their free features including email automation and landing pages.


  • Instagram Ad’s
  • Update your Instagram story with a creative post update.
  • Add your latest post in your Instagram bio.
  • Share new post update in caption of photo, and write short sneak peek. Can you say hashtag linkinbio.
  • Join a Instagram Pod.
Here I told my insta followers about my new post. Using a small snipet and a relevant photo.


  • Pin it to the top of your twitter profile.
  • Get other bloggers to retweet your post.
  • Share on promo threads on Facebook.
  • Join a twitter pod. You can share your latest tweet, and those in your pod will like and retweet you!
  • Join a Twitter chat.
  • Send out a tweet to your followers letting them know you have a new post.
  • Put a link in your Twitter bio.
Here I pinned my latest post to the top of my Twitter profile.

Others ( Places you probably never would think!)

  • Participate in Stumble Upon, and Google Plus promo thread in Facebook groups.
  • Leave comments on other blogs and leave your URL at the end so they can check out your blog.
  • Participate in link-up parties.
  • Get featured in other’s bloggers round-up posts.
  • Post your blog in relevant G+ communities.
  • Post a Snapchat story.
  • Add your website to blogging directories.
  • Participate in Stumble Upon, and Google Plus promo thread in Facebook groups.
  • Share on your Google + profile.
  • Make an account with BlogLovin.
  • Optimize your blog posts for SEO for them to appear in search results to get your post on Google.
  • Submit your blog to Reddit or BuzzFeed.
  • Stumble your blog posts on Stumble Upon.
  • Set up an RSS feed.
  • Install social media sharing buttons and the end of your posts.
  • Advertise with Adwords.

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What are your favorite ways to promote your new blog post?


  • Ciaraboo

    This is a fantastic resource and ill be keeping it on file for future reference. Thank you!

  • Great list of ways to promote a blog. I haven’t tried Pinterest ads yet.. do you have more information about that? Thanks!

    Heather | http://www.heatherleguilloux.ca

  • Lynn White

    This is a great list! I haven’t done much with ads yet.

  • Thank you for so many ideas! Got to look into some of them. 🙂

  • Tim Gillette

    Great post,, so many forget the work really starts after you post. You provided a great list, as well as perfect tips to make them work…

  • Tiffany Twisted

    I just found the world of G+ communities and it is an AMAZING resource for posting blog posts! I’m going to pin this article to my blog board as well 🙂

  • LaToya C

    Thanks so much for this! So many great tips!

  • Jennifer Ruiz

    I need to get better about Reddit and Stumble Upon. Promotion is everything!

  • Vivian

    Jonnie, this is a great exhaustive list! 🙂 I definitely have to add a few to my list of blog promotion strategies. Sweet post!

  • Shanika G-White

    This is such a great post! These are really helpful tips. I’m definitely taking these tips with me going forward!

  • Caroline

    This is such a comprehensive list, so many of these I didn’t even know about. Thank you!

  • lana

    Great post, with very helpful tips, thanks for sharing!

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  • Thanks for sharing this! It was really informative! Definitely going to try out some of you listed that aren’t major platforms! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/more-or-less/

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