Another year has come and it’s nearly gone. I am particularly excited for the upcoming year. I have exceedingly high hopes for 2017. I am walking into the new year boldly, and confidently, I hope you are preparing to as well. If you want to make 2017 your year, there is no question that you can. There is still an open opportunity to start working towards making 2017 extraordinary, you must start working towards it now.



Money, money, money. Unfortunately, the world we live in revolves around it. I’m always weary of frivolous spending, because it often tends to be the cause of a lot of my stress. By looking at your last big 10 purchases it puts a great deal of things into perspective. Look at what you are spending most of your money on, and make sure it’s essential. If it is not make sure to try to cut it out going into the new year. Proceed into the new year with your money priorities in order, so you don’t need to worry too much about money. You will be able to save more, and have more fun with your money.



I know this can sound harsh, sometimes we hold on to a goal for too long it drives us insane. This doesn’t mean you need to disregard it endlessly just for a while until you can regroup. I let a goal I had this year drive me nuts, I was obsessed it was all I could think about. When even the slightest detail went wrong I would be absolutely miserable. It wasn’t healthy, but once I came back to it after a while I was able to gain a new perspective and accomplish it with a clear head.




We have a lot to be thankful for even if we don’t feel that way all the time. It’s so rewarding to give back to those who are less fortunate. There are so many ways to give back. Participate in a coat drive, volunteer at a soup kitchen, go read to small children. Make it happen, and be grateful along the way. I have a post all about gratitude, consider checking it out Grattitude.



“Letting toxic people go is not an act of cruelty. It’s an act of self-care.” – Unknown

Toxic people do nothing but bring you pain, whether it’s a friend or a family member. Toxic relationships are literally dangerous for your health. Love yourself enough to know you deserve the absolute best.



Get rid of everything you don’t completely need. Use a whole day to just clean up your space and declutter. Throw away or donate clothes you don’t wear or want. I am a product junkie, more like a hoarder so I make sure to throw away all old skin care and makeup products I don’t utilize. Also make sure to go through your emails and digital life. Get rid of old emails, and pictures. Make sure all important documents are backed up, and you’ll have a lot more room for the new. When January comes your head will feel much clearer with a spotless place.



I can’t tell you how much I cherish a relaxing bed time routine. There is something so calming about going through your night-time routine. Washing your face, running a bath, brushing your teeth. Whatever it is you do get into the habit of doing it every night. Make sure it is soothing so you get the ultimate beauty sleep.


Good Luck



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  • 2016 has not been good to me, but as an eternal optimist, I have high hopes for 2017. These are great tips!

  • Great post! I recently changed my nighttime routine to include healthier habits. The biggest change was not having any electronics in the bed and doing yoga! I feel so much more rested and I enjoy my routine as well!

  • Thanks for these tips! These are so useful, especially the portion about reviewing my last few purchases. Looking into the New Year, I really want to start focussing on being better with my money!

  • Cleaning up is top of my list. Just knowing that my space is not cluttered (which is kind of ironic considering my blog name 😉 ) makes me breathe easier!

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