7 Simple Ways to Sneak Leafy Greens in to Your Daily Diet

Getting your greens isn’t always easy, when you think of leafy greens the first thing you probably think of is a salad. Not everyone likes salad, luckily there are plenty of easy ways to add leafy green to your daily diet. The benefits of adding leafy green foods to your diet are monumental.

Green foods are powerful antioxidants (especially broccoli and spinach) that protect the body from toxins both in the environment and other foods we eat. The antioxidants in greens help neutralize the body and clear out toxins. Greens contain many nutrients that help protect the immune system and fight off viruses and bacteria. Dark, leafy greens (think spinach and kale) are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for all body functions and lower bad cholesterol. Now that you know the amazing benefits of adding greens to your diet, here are a few easy ways to add them to your diet.

Replace Bread or Rice with Something Green


Thinking about having tacos or burritos for dinner, replace the taco shell with lettuce or kale leaves, it will taste just as good and be a tad bit healthier. You can even go as far to opt for meat-less tacos or add chicken or fish. Top  with cheese, sour cream or even more veggies like carrots and peppers. 

Lettuce Taco Recipes: 

On Top of Pizza

Vegan Pesto Pizza

Instead of your typical pepperoni and cheese pizza, opt for some fresh veggies for toppings instead. You can still add cheese and tomato sauce to give it extra flavor. My favorite veggie pizza to make has sliced green peppers, tomato’s, mushrooms, carrots, and green onions.

Vegetable Pizza Recipes:

Make a Green Smoothie or Smoothie Bowls

Green Smoothie Recipe to Give You Glowing + Healthy Skin

The easiest way to add some leafy greens into your diet is to throw them in to your daily smoothie. You can also add in lots of fruit, and yogurt or milk. This way you won’t even taste it, if you are not a fan of spinach or kale. My favorite green smoothie to make includes one ripe banana, a hand full of spinach, one sliced mango, one tsp chia seeds, one avacado and two of cups coconut water. I also add a scoop of the Skintox Beauty Food from Raw Complexions. Not only does it taste amazing, but it this recipe always gives my skin a healthy glow. If you want something more filling, consider making a smoothie bowl. Need ideas? 7 Healthy & Delicious Smoothie Bowl Ideas.

Green Smoothie Recipe: 

A Green Salad on The Side of a Meal


I love making salads because you can add so many different things. They are very easy to make and you can grab them and go. My favorite things to add are avocado, almonds, cucumber, and dried cranberries. I also really love making Caesar salads with fresh mozzarella. Instead of a ranch dressing I love to drizzle some olive oil on top. I use spinach and kale as my bases because of the nutritional value they both have. Need some salad ideas? Check out this salad board on Pinterest.

My Favorite Salad Recipes:


In Breakfast Food

How Sweet It Is

I love adding leafy greens to my breakfast, because it is so easy to add. My favorite way to add leafy greens to my breakfast is hummus kale toast it is super east to make all you need is two slices bread, olive oil, kale, lemon, and hummus. Avocado toast is also another healthy, delicious option. You can also add spinach to your scrabbled or over easy eggs.

Breakfast Toast Recipes:

In Soups, Sauces and Dips

Natural Sleep aids

Lastly you can add leafy greens to any soups ,sauces or dips. You can use kale and spinach to make a pesto sauce or tomato soup. My favorite thing to snack on is spinach artichoke dip it is delicious and you get your daily dose of greens. 

Soup and Sauce Recipes:

How do you add greens to your diet? Comment below!

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