8 Empowering + Life Changing Morning Rituals

The beginning of the day is so crucial, it establishes, and prepares you for the rest of the day. The morning sets the tone for how your whole day will proceed. If you find yourself wanting to roll back over as soon as you wake up, you may need to reevaluate your morning rituals.

I have not always been a morning person, but as soon as I established new morning routines I found myself more excited about the day. Make the best of your mornings with these 8 morning rituals.


I can’t express to you guys how much writing in my gratitude journal every morning has benefited my life.  It is truly life-changing. Too often we dwell on the negative things that happen in our life, but how often do we honor the good in our life? How often do we sit back and be amazed at how much we already have in our possession? Every morning we wake up we make the choice to be grateful and appreciate what we have. Or we make the choice to be ungrateful and brimming with complaints. You are entitled to an amazing day, every day you wake up. It does not matter what that day consist of as long as you have a grateful heart.

The universe can sense when you are in a place of gratitude, and will reward you with more of what you want. How can you except more, when you’re not even grateful for what you already have. From the coffee you buy in the morning to the hot running water that runs when you shower.  When you stop to think about everything you have in life you truly grasp how much you have to be grateful for. A gratitude journal grants you the opportunity to reflect on what makes your life meaningful. Keep a gratitude journal on your desk every morning and before you even get out of bed, write down 15 things you are truly grateful for. When you do this every morning, you will notice a monumental change in the way your day flows.

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Waking up early in the morning can be agonizing, I personally love waking up early. However, if waking up early is not your thing indulge in something you love, something you find amusing. Take 5 minutes to catch up on your favorite YouTuber, watch 20 minutes of your favorite TV show, while you get ready for the day. Cuddle with your dog do anything that will make you smile before you head off to work or school. I was always rushing around trying to get things done in the morning, what helped me was slowing down and just enjoying my morning and taking my time. Giving yourself time to do something that brings you happiness, gives you a reason to jump out of bed morning after morning.


When you drink something hot in the morning it settles your stomach, and wakes you up for the day. Being your body goes a full 9-10 hours without fluids every night, it’s important to hydrate your body in the morning. I discovered white tea a couple of months ago and it is life changing. I use to drink green tea every morning but on an empty stomach I found that it made my stomach feel uncomfortable. When you brew white tea in extremely hot water it also gives you a boost of caffeine. As much as I love my coffee, white tea is much healthier but gives you the same effect. You honestly don’t need to drink tea of coffee, as long as you hydrate with water you will feel great and settled.


Waking up before the sun grants you the opportunity to get a head start on your day. For those of us that work full time jobs or have morning classes our alarm clocks are already set for pretty early. I like to rise even earlier, an hour before I should actually be getting up. There is something so serene about the morning time, watching the sun come up. I t is a lot easier to be get things done in the morning and be productive than it is at the end of the day. I use the mornings to plan my day, check emails, or to write a blog post. Research shows that early risers are linked to success and happiness.


There are no benefits in dwelling on yesterday’s mistakes. Whether you made a mishap at work or you forgot about a deadline. A new day is just that; a new day. Let yourself move on and have a fresh start every morning.


Instead of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, take five long deep breaths in and out. Affirm that you will have a great day. Sometimes we unconsciously set negative intentions for our day. We let the gloomy weather, or the activities of yesterday destroy our day before it even begins. Try to set positive intentions by telling yourself you will work towards your goals, and have a marvelous day. Write down some morning affirmations, that you can recite every morning. This way you begin the day with powerful, inspired thoughts.


If you work somewhere where you will be siting all day, it’s so important to stretch your lower back. When I was working as a receptionist I literally sat all day and would have horrible lower back pain. I found that stretching lightly in the morning helped tremendously. Even if you won’t be sitting all day still try to get in a small exercise or stretch to prepare your body physically for your day.

Anything I missed? What are your morning rituals?

Good Luck

8 Empowering Morning Rituals

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