I love growing as a person, I adore change, and learning new things. I love going after a new and exciting dream. Although, as I do new things to attempt to reach success, I find myself needing to overcome the feeling of fear and failure. It can be hard not to be a little afraid when going after a new dream, when you don’t know what the path will consist of.

Don’t be held back by fear, overcome  it with these tips.

Prepare Yourself

A good way to conquer that feeling of fear is to get prepared. When you mentally, and even physically prepare yourself for what’s to come, you put your mind at ease. Whatever new venture you are trying to achieve, be sure to have a plan, purchase a planner, keep a journal. When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. There will be different ways to prepare, based on whatever new venture you are going after. If you are starting a new business, make sure to do research on grants, interview small business owners, come up with a business plan. There are plenty ways you can begin to prepare. Make a list of your expectations, items you may need. When you take the extra steps to prepare yourself to begin a new dream, you allow yourself to feel even more confident going forth.

Before you venture out on your new journey, Get organized. If you are wondering what being organized has to do with fear. A clutter free house, and desk makes for a clear mind. Get rid of anything that won’t serve your success. When you declutter your life, you set yourself up for success.

Be Honest About Your Intentions

“Be honest about your intentions with everything. You never want to build any type of relationship on lies. That foundation will always fail.” Unknown

Another amazing way to eliminate your fear when following a dream, is to be sure you are going after something that is going to fulfill you. Being afraid or nervous is a normal feeling when starting something new. However, if you feel yourself being literally paralyzed by fear, it might be time to be honest about your intentions. It just may not be for you at the time, or you might need to go in a new direction. Be sure you are not going after something for the wrong reason, it can possibly be where your fear stems from.

 Create a Plan/Vision

If you want to ditch the feeling of fear, you must define your goals. For every new year I like to create a Vision boards. I have a post all about vision boards and how to create them, I basically look through magazines, or on the web for inspiring picture, quotes, and color pallets. I hang them up with push pins on a cork board, and hang it up in my bedroom so I see it first thing every morning when I wake up. Vision boards help to inspire you and motivate you to go after your dreams.

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Get a New Perspective

“Leave who you were. Love who you are. Look forward to who you will become.”- unknown

Though we may not have control over everything in our life, one thing we can control is how we choose to react to things that happen to us. When going after a new dream, it won’t be easy. We might experience failure, and disappointment don’t let it harden you. Instead make the choice to get a new perspective, try something different, and keep going.

 Believe In Yourself

Oftentimes you actually ARE good enough, you just don’t believe you are, and that’s what ruins the opportunity. When you believe in yourself, you allow yourself to get excited about all the possibilities the future holds. Believe in the person you want to become, and when you start to doubt yourself remember all the fears you’ve overcome in the past, all the battles you’ve won. If you are someone who struggles with believing in yourself or doubting yourself. One thing that helped me was to just say yes.

Yes to experiences. Yes to adventure. Say Yes to love and happiness. Say yes to travel and yes to creating the life that you want for yourself. Doubting yourself shuts you off all together when you didn’t even give yourself the opportunity to do something amazing.


Follow your dreams, and do what your heart desires the most. Fear is just a feeling, let it come, and let it go. Don’t let your fear keep you from living the amazing life you were meant to have.  We all have huge dreams, and we can all reach them with hard work, and dedication. Do what you love, and practice gratitude. Don’t complain, make things happen. Stay fixated on your dreams, but have a great deal of fun along the way.

How do you overcome fear when starting something new?

Good Luck 

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