The Best Way to Earn Money Using ShopStyle Affiliate Links

I recently discovered ShopStyle when I was on Pinterest one day. I am a fairly new blogger so I want to share with you all every time I discover a new blogging tool or resources. So once I get the hang of a tool, I will write up a post for you, and share my newly found strategies.  So you can take advantage of the tool as well. I have been using ShopStyle for a couple of months, and I have decided that I love their affiliate program.

What is ShopStyle?

ShopStyle is a shopping search engine with hundreds of brands and products all in one place. The affiliate program (for all niches) lets bloggers, and influencers create clickable widgets and links to those products, which they can then share with their followers on their blog and on social media profiles. When someone clicks on your link you get paid, really simple way to earn money from your blog when you utilize it the correct way which I will help you with below.

Getting Started?

The first thing to do is create a ShopStyle Collective account and get acquainted with their website. They have a fairly simple set up so it won’t be hard to get your account up and running. You can start by using the navigation bar to search for different products.

Creating Links

In order to create a clickable link. Click on your ShopStyle Collective dashboard and from there you click on Search in the sidebar. You can then use the search bar to locate a desired product that you wish to make a link for, or you can choose it from one of your list

Creating Widgets

This is my favorite tool, because it allows you to have multiple products displayed at once on any post on your blog. You can choose how the products are displayed on your blog in the edit section. If you want your readers to see the price, retailer etc. I would take advantage of this option because your readers will automatically know how much a product is, and they don’t have to click on the product to see the price or brand.

To create a widget, click on Create> Create Widget you can then search for any item you want to include. When you hover over the products you have the option to click on it ,and add the product to your widget. At the top right corner there will be a build button, once you are done selecting all the products you want to include you can click build. You can set your dimensions (Widget size, columns, rows, and image size) and see how your widget will look on your blog.

Lastly, name your widget and click on publish to get the code. You will be shown a chunk of code that you can place on a related blog post. If you scroll all the way down, you can also get individual codes for every product included on your widget. 

ShopStyle affilate

This is how the widget will show up on your blog:

Create lists

When you want to group together products for a certain category, the list feature is good for this. You can make a list by searching for a product, and clicking on the heart below the picture to add it to its relevant list.
ShopStyle affilate links

The Best Way to Earn On ShopStyle?

 Target Audience/Goals

With all affiliate links it is essential to figure out who your target audience will be. When you have been blogging for a while you usually know who your target audience is based on your niche. Although when your post pops up on a search engine such as Google your target audience can differ slightly. When you define who your target audience is you can narrow down the types of links and widgets you should be posting.


Lists are a simple way to gather up a bunch of links into one post. If you are going to make a lists post be unique in your approach. Don’t just throw together a bunch of products this comes off as dishonest to your readers. When I create a list I like to use the widgets features, so I don’t have to create a link for every product, because that can take a lot of time. I can just throw them all together, so my readers can scroll through all the products and see the brand and price in one place. 

Example Lists:


  • What to wear to a college internship interview
  • Makeup products for a glowing Summer look
  • Travel essentials for the single mom


Actually being able to help your readers through a tutorial is a major device when it comes to blogging. Many popular blog post are post that teach someone how to do something. If you are able to prompt someone to learn something, or accomplish a goal by purchasing the product you are advertising to them. They will be more likely to actually click on your links and buy the product. People are always searching how to do something on google, myself included. Making” how to” post popular on search engines. If you can write a quality tutorial teaching someone how to solve a problem you can get more clicks this way as well.

Example tutorial Post:


  • Teaching someone how to organize their bathroom/kitchen
  • Teaching someone how to do a New Year’s makeup look
  • A how to pack for a two-week trip to Greece


ShopStyle is great for fashion bloggers, being that you will be posting about different looks. You can easily link your readers to each clothing piece you are loving, and wearing including shoes and accessories. 

Last Thoughts

Any niche can take advantage of ShopStyle: The amazing thing about ShopStyle is you can find a range of products. Everything from travel bags, kitchen products, high-end makeup, purses, and skin care. Most likely anything you are looking for will be on there.

Favorites page : If you want your readers to shop your favorite products. You can create a page that contains all of your most used/ favorite products, or add it to your home page (I have it on my home page under shop). The easiest way to do this would be to add a “favorites” to your menu bar so your readers automatically know where to find your favorite recommended products. This way your readers can easily click though and find what they want. You can refer them to your favorites page if you mention a favorite product in a post. Separating your favorites into their relevant categories (photography, beauty, style etc.) so it will be effortless for your readers to find what they are looking for.

Do you use ShopStyle? Do you like their Program?

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