How to Optimize Your blog for SEO

One of the most important keys to blogging is SEO, it is important because it is the best way to organically bring new viewers to your website which means more traffic. SEO involves  improving your site’s ranking in search results. Today’s post will be a few helpful tips on how to optimize your website and improve your SEO.

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In short SEO is simply stands for search engine optimization. SEO ranking is a website’s placement on a search engine results page. Of course if your website is very close to the top that means more clicks and views for you and that is the main goal of SEO.


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Using relevant tags and categories is another very important key for SEO. Search engines scan your categories and tags to understand what your website or blog post is about. It is best to use simple relevant words to tag your post. For example, if you are writing a post on fall fashion you can use words such as; fall, scarf, shop, ankle boots etc. For a category word you can use a word such as Fashion to sum it all up.


All your page tittle, site titles, and blog post titles will show up on a search engine. So you want to make sure they are SEO friendly and to the point. The tittle of your blog post will appear in search results and show up in browser tabs. So it is very important to make your tittles very specific. To save time  you can also create default title formats so you do not have to create one for each and every post.


It is very important to make sure that every single image on your website has an alt text. (Alt text is short for alternative text and is any text associated with an image) Alt text describes the image and helps search engines understand what an article is about. This way it actually shows up in search engines. Use short simple words to describe your image that is relevant to your post. This is also important for people who use screen readers such as blind individuals.

Optimize your blog for seo
Here’s where you add alt text in WordPress


If you have not downloaded the Yoast SEO plugin yet, you need to right away. It will help you tremendously in improving your SEO. Once you have downloaded Yoast SEO you can go back to your old posts and add keywords, making your posts search-engine friendly.


Whenever you make a change to your website, search engines will not update it right away. So you want to make sure you are putting in the extra effort to get your content re-indexed. It is important for SEO purposes to keep your website updated on search engines. You can always request that Google re-index and update your site. This way your website is always updated when new users find your website on any search engine.  

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How to Optimize Your blog for SEO


  • Great simple tips!

  • Thanks for the tips!

  • Tatjana

    One other thing to consider: ensure your website is fast. Speed is an important SEO ranking factor (especially on a mobile). Make sure you don’t upload images or other documents with large file sizes, but minimize the file size first.

  • Angelica Sereda

    Love these tips and will be implementing them right away. I’ve been procrastinating!

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