How to Start a Profitable Blog in Minutes

When I first decided to start a blog, it was on a whim. I had no idea what I was doing or what I would write about. Now that I have been blogging for almost half a year I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to start a lifestyle blog. The tittle is “How to start a Lifestyle Blog”  but the steps can be used to start any type of blog in any niche.

In this post I’ll tell you how to start a lifestyle blog from scratch, register your own domain, set up hosting and install WordPress.

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Why Start a Blog?

  • Creative Outlet
  •  Friendship & Blogging Community
  • Inspire others through your content
  • Accountability 
  •  Side Hustle & Passive Income
  • New & fun hobby
  • Continuous Learning 


What to Write About?

Before you get started you should probably plan out what you will write about, and what your “niche” will be. Whatever you decide on make sure it is something you love, so you don’t burn out down the line and get bored. There are so many topics you can choose from. You will definitely learn while you go, so don’t be intimidated by other experienced bloggers. vs

The biggest question I hear is what is the difference between, and This site is a self-hosted WordPress platform meaning that I own my domain (, and I signed up for hosting on SiteGround which is a hosting company. is very easy to set up and navigate. If you are wanting to blog long-term, and make an income then I highly recommend to go with offers tons of freedom, features, and allows you to customize, and monetize your blog. If you are not sure if you want to blog long-term, and you just want to do it for fun. You can start off on, and make the switch later on if you change your mind. Which is what I did, it is a very easy process that you can choose to do yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

In order to use you will need to sign up for hosting, and register your domain.

Sign up for hosting & register your domain

It can be intimidating to set up your first self-hosted blog, but it is actually a pretty easy process with just a few steps. The first step would be to visit SiteGround ( I highly recommend SiteGround, I have had the best experience with them so far) They have plans starting out as low as 3.95 a month. Click here to get to get a 60% discount on your first hosting plan. The StartUp, and GrowBig will be your best options if you are just starting out.


Next, after you choose the plan that is best for you. You can register a domain you already own, or set up a new one. When you choose a domain take some time to choose something unique to you, and creative. If you are registering a new domain, you may have to make sure it is available first. Once you have a domain registered you can then go ahead and pick a plan. You can choose how many months you want to pay for. I’d recommend annually because you get a better deal that way. They also have a trial 1 month option if you are still a little unsure.

Enter your billing information and add any additional services you want to add and you will be ready to check out. Use this link to get to a 60% discount on your first hosting plan.

Installing WordPress

After you complete your purchase you can then install WordPress, and it is a pretty simple process. Once you have signed up on SiteGround, you should look out for an email from them. You will receive a confirmation email that will contain some important information, such as your username and password and a link to your control panel. Once you open your control panel by clicking on the link in your “welcome” email, enter your username and password and log in.

Under the “Wordpress Tools” section you should see a WordPress Installer, that’s where you’ll click to install WordPress. Fill out the form with your information and click “Install WordPress“. It is that easy to install WordPress.

When you click on “WordPress Installer” it will prompt you to fill out some information. Then you can install WordPress.

After you have registered your domain and installed WordPress. You can access your blog by going to, and you will then enter your login information. This is called your admin dashboard here you can write blog posts, change your themes, upload your images, etc.

Picking & Setting Up a Theme

Once you get on to WordPress after signing in, and have a look around you can then start to set up and pick a theme. On your Admin dashboard click on Appearance > Themes. Here you can search, upload, and install themes There are many free themes you can choose from to start off with. Or you can purchase pre-made themes on Creative Market, Etsy, and 99Designs. Picking a theme is the fun part, If you are looking for a “girly” and feminine theme I would check out Bluchic. I purchased my first theme from them, and they are very good at helping you if you run into any problems with installing their themes. 

This is what your Admin dashboard should look like. If it doesn’t you are in the wrong place.
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By following these steps, you can set up a lifestyle or a blog in any niche really. Get publishing post, and connecting with other bloggers in your niche. Tell your friends, and family to get the traffic flowing. Some last tips would to set up Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for your blog. to gain more exposure. It would be ideal if you use the same name as your blog for your username so everyone knows where to find you.

Good Luck


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