We are now in that weird phase of winter where the holiday season is over and the weather is still gloomy and cold. While we all  sit patiently just waiting for spring to come, so we can enjoy the warm weather again. Winter is my least favorite season, I can’t stand the dreary, cheerless weather. Remaining productive and motivated during the cold bleak winter months isn’t often the easiest task. We often find ourselves lacking motivation to do anything, but stay in the house and lounge around. By doing this we let our new goals go astray, and we miss out on all the  beautiful things the winter season has to offer.

While we want to begin working on all the Extraordinary new years resoloutions we have for put in place for the new year. We can to easily  feel consumed by the winter blues – we can feel fatigued and sluggish causing us to not get much done.

Beat the winter gloom by staying productive with these tips.


When it comes to the majority of people, work is our first priority. We struggle to balance out school, family, and our home. We rarely take time to ourselves to just relax our minds and bodies. Go out for ice cream, cuddle up with your dog, go for a run, turn off your phone.  Indulge in some much needed self-care.

When your mind is in the right place, everything else will follow. You will find yourself being an overall more protective person when you practice self-care. When I was in college I was consistently on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I was always running around studying for test, worrying about my weight, and attempting a social life.  I was constantly trying to quiet my mind, and  often forgot to eat. At one point even my hair was falling out because I was so stressed. Even if it is something small such as baking desserts with your best friend and eating them all or getting a facial.

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Declutter and organize

The snow falling outside grants you a foolproof excuse to organize your desk, kitchen, or your closet. You can get an early start on some spring cleaning. You stay productive while making sure to stay warm and cozy inside.

 Attempt a new recipe

I am everlastingly pinning new recipes on Pinterest that I want to try to cook, but I seem to never have time. I also love watching Chopped (cooking show) discovering unique recipes that I can attempt.  It can be amusing to get in the kitchen and attempt a delicious complicated recipe, with a glass of wine. When you include your significant other or a friend it can be even more of an enjoyment. I am not the best cook; my boyfriend tends to do most of the cooking. Although I do love to bake and make yummy deserts. My favorite easy dessert to make is these easy Homemade Glossy Doughnuts.

Write down your goals

Keep track of where you are regarding old goals, and set new ones. Purchase a really nice planner or journal,  write down your thoughts what you want to get done. Anything that you need to release from your mind. A journal grants you the opportunity to stay motivated, and hold yourself accountable.

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I am an audacious book hoarder if that is a thing? I have a deep appreciation for reading,  growing up an introvert I remember spending hours in my room reading a good book. As I have gotten older my, I consistently have absolutely no time to sit and read a book. I’m not a huge fan of Audiobooks, I enjoy reading the book myself. If you are anything like me, and you love a good book. Cold days are the ideal time to snuggle up with a good book, or article, or your favorite blog to get some reading done.

Master something new

In today’s world  we are surrounded by a boatload of information that is free to access at any given time. Whatever you are interested in you can access free courses and resources across the web. My favorite things to read about are humanities and all things self-improvement. I am obsessed with the website TED a website devoted to spreading ideas, through very powerful talks. I like to listen while I’m driving and at the gym to grant me some inspiration. My favorite TED talks are; All it takes is 10 mindful minutes, and Say your truths and seek them in others.

How do you stay productive during winter?

Good Luck

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