How To Stay In Incredible Places For Extremely Cheap When Traveling

Whenever you book a flight to a new place, finding a place to stay while there can be the costliest detail of the entire trip. A high number of people book a hotel when they travel to a different place. Wasting a considerable amount of money on just a mediocre hotel. By spending so much money on where you are staying,  it unfortunately limits what you can actually participate in while you are there. Getting to participate in amusing activities is usually the highlight of a vacation.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with staying in a cheaper hotel to save some money, but if you don’t have to why should you? There are ways you can stay in a wonderful and low-cost place without having to limit your vacation plans.

The most reasonable hotel starts at $50-$60 dollars a night. If you are traveling to a more popular city it is definitely going to cost, you a lot more. Last year when I took a trip to Southern California, Wanting to stay in a more convenient location, to have access to more activities. I ended up spending almost $400 to stay in a nice hotel.

My secrets to staying in amazing places for cheap is Airbnb a vacation rental marketplace. You can spend $30-$55 dollars a night, to stay in a charming place while on your vacation.


What is 

Airbnb is a website where you are able to rent out someone else’s loft, house, or flat. You are able to stay for as long as you want to for a low price. There are a variety of prices, of course the more upscale houses are a lot pricier. There are plenty of low-cost homes that are just as nice. The raving reviews on most homes will prove this.

Airbnb  is extremely easy to use. I played around with it when I first discovered it. I found a place in Greece, yes Greece for only $40 a night. This wasn’t just any home either, this was an attractive home with a stunning view of Poros Island. I even found different homes in France in the $30-$40 range with marvelous views.

Airbnb is not only for short-term stays; you can also stay long-term as well. You can stay for four days, two weeks, or even six months. If you’re someone who does long-term travling for work or just personal reasons you will get a discount off the final price.

How to utilize Airbnb for the best experience

Avoid places not in the zoom in and center (if you are on a budget)

Make sure to utilize the zoom in feature. When you originally search for the city you would like to stay in, Airbnb won’t bring up every option, that is where the zoom feature comes in.  When zooming in to different parts of the city more options will pop up that you didn’t see originally. These will usually be the lower priced homes. If you’re flexible and willing to stay a couple of minutes outside the city, you can find some great deals from $25-$30 a night.

Use the filters

Airbnb uses filters like many websites to speed up the process of finding what you are looking for. The filters include room type, number of guest, listing type, price range, and amenities. For room type you are able to choose from “Entire Home,” “Private Room,” or “Shared Room.” Be sure to use the price range filter so you can be sure to get a price in your budget. The last filter which is the amenities, are amenities like a hot tub, cable TV, air conditioning etc. If there is something you absolutely need to have, you can make sure you have it in the home while you are there.


The best time to use Airbnb

Just as with flights, there are times where it will be cheaper and a little pricier. Around the holidays is one of those times where it will be more expensive so plan accordingly.

I love Airbnb because it is really inviting and personal, unlike the service of a hotel. As much as I enjoy trying out new restaurants in new places, I love to also have my own kitchen to make food for when I don’t really want to eat out. Especially if I have a longer stay, it can get expensive to eat out every day. I have used Airbnb twice now and both times were very pleasant experiences. It is definitely worth trying out. Sign up here to get $35 in travel credit which, can potentially be worth one whole night.

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Where do you stay when you travel?

Good Luck

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