How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Due to the fact that ninety-nine percent of my traffic comes from Pinterest. I have spent countless hours focusing on upping my Pinterest game so to say. Being that is where most of my traffic comes from I have been spending lots of time growing my Pinterest profile, and making Pinterest friendly images to go with my blog post.

I sucked it up and created a business account, and set up rich pins. For some reason I was putting it off, because I thought it would be pretty difficult but it was actually pretty easy.

In today’s post I tell you how you can use Pinterest to Increase your traffic, and encourage more engagement.

Have a “Pin it” button

I recently installed the Pinterest “Pin it” Button plugin, and it allows my readers to Pin any picture on my blog, using the hover feature. When you have a “Pin it” button on your blog it makes it effortless for your readers to share your post on Pinterest. Which in return will drive more traffic to your blog. You can also buy a custom “pin it” button on Etsy, or build your own on Pinterest.

Group Boards

Joining group boards is an excellent way to gain a ton of exposure for your Pinterest as well as your blog. They help tremendously to increase your blog traffic. PinGroupie is a great website that allows you to search for different group boards by searching for relevant categories. It is also a great way to connect with other bloggers in your niche. You can join as many as you want, and post your content regularly. Feel free to join my lifestyle beauty board to gain some more traffic, and exposure. Just send over an email, and I can add you. In order for me to add you must follow me as well.

Sign Up for a Business Account

Signing up for a business account will help you to grow your blog and keep track of your Pinterest stats. When you sign up for a business account you will have access to all of your Pinterest analytics and statistics for not only your Pinterest but also your blog. A business account also lets you promote your pins and create Ad’s, to reach more people. Which would help with traffic and engagement. Another great perk of a business account is you can monitor your pins and see which pins perform the best, and get the most clicks. If you notice one pin isn’t performing well you can delete it, and repost it later on.

Share other’s Users Pins

Don’t just share your content, share other’s content as well. You want to be a resource for your followers, by sharing helpful articles, dinner recipes, and spring styleS. Although you should constantly pin other people’s content, don’t be afraid to re pin your own content as well. Your goal should be to get your content shared and re-pinned across Pinterest.

Make sure to pin relevant content to your brand, and keep your boards categorized and organized. Add a description to each board, so Pinterest users know what to expect.

Pinterest Friendly Images

Pinterest is all about the images, and eye-catching visuals. You want to create Pinterest friendly images, in order to get your Pins noticed and repined. Pinterest friendly images means vertical images, a call to action, and text. Tall vertical images stand out vs smaller horizontal images. If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed that the vertical tall images jump out at you first. The preferred dimensions would be around 740px wide and a 1102px height. When your image is tall it is more likely to get repined, and get more exposure.

When you have rich pins, which I highly recommend you get. Pinterest will have your pin description under all of your images. Adding text over your image will help your image to stand out even more. Pinterest users will automatically know what to expect when they click on your post. There are many programs that let you add text to your blog images. PicMonkey, Canva, and Photoshop are all great. My favorite is Canva, because they already have a Pinterest template with the correct dimensions, and different designs and fonts.

You should Create a pin worth image for every single blog post you published. It may seem like an extra step, but it is worth it to get the extra exposure. At any time, your pin can go viral and your traffic will skyrocket along with it. You want other people to pin and re-pin your content in order to grow your readers organically. You can go back in to old post to make sure you have a least one Pinterest friendly image. In order to bring more attention to old post.

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What is your favorite thing about Pinterest?

  • This was super helpful. I know that a lot of traffic is generated through the use of Pinterest but I’m still figuring it out, and not doing a very good job apparently. Thank you for your tips!

    • Jonnie

      You will get the hang of it! Glad I could help xo

  • Ashley Rose

    I have done these same things and have seen a huge jump in my traffic. I only have 39 pins for my content and had over 250 views from Pinterest last month. The month before I only had 50. So, it definitely works!

    • Jonnie

      Thats amazing xo

  • Maria DeCotiis

    Great tips! Pinterest is so great for blog traffic.

    Maria |

    • Jonnie

      Love your blog Maria xo

  • Elliesa Ball

    Definitely need to improve my Pinterest traffic, so thanks for this!!

    • Jonnie

      No problem Elliesa!

  • Great tips! I’m not so active on Pinterest yet, but you’re making me rethink it.

    • Jonnie

      Yes get active it helps tons xo

  • Akialah

    I still need to work on group boards and rich pins!

    • Jonnie

      Feel free to join my board, it’s referenced in the post. Good luck Akialah

  • Katie Thomas

    Awesome post! I have joined a ton of Pinterest group boards and it definitely helps, and I have even made my own group board for Etsy sellers and makers. I did find it hard to work out some of the instructions on how to join and had a lot of people not respond to me which is disheartening, then I found them advertising on to add you to their group boards, which I thought was a little bit cheeky but clever at the same time. I agree with you that Pinterest is where its at. It’s what I focus on the most. I also use Tailwind to help with my scheduling and my Pinterest page has grown by leaps and bounds. I didn’t know you could get a custom pin it button from Etsy, thats pretty cool, I might check it out. Thanks for the great post.

    • Jonnie

      Oh no that really sucks, I’m sorry about that Katie. Tailwind is amazing, I agree! xo

  • Whimsy

    Thanks for the advice! Great blog!

    • Jonnie

      Thank you xo

  • alicia nicole 💋 ✨

    Group boards have really helped with traffic to my site. I’m early on in my journey, but I’ve seen a quantifiable change in my stats since I started getting serious about Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!

    Alicia Nicole xo

    • Jonnie

      Yes group boards are a tremendous help xo

  • Jessica Chang

    Thanks for the tips! I’m always looking for ways to increase traffic.

    • Jonnie

      No problem Jessica!

  • Natalie Rose

    Awesome, Thanks for the tips! I’ve just started to use Pinterest to help increase traffic, I’ll definitely be referencing some of these! 😀

    • Jonnie


  • Margaret Stuart

    This is such a useful tool! I know that I need to be better about using my Pinterest to drive traffic. I have had my profile for years and recently switched to a business profile and enabled rich pins, which I think has helped a little, but I definitely need to dedicate some time to it. Thanks for sharing these

    • Jonnie

      No problem, good luck xo

  • Sarah

    These are great tips! I’m a newbie blogger so I’m really trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible!

    • Jonnie

      There is so much to know xo

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  • Marina Penedo

    I’m spending the night tonight going through old posts and re-doing pictures to make them more eye catching for Pinterest! I have a lot to learn, but posts like this help so much! Thanks for sharing!

    • byjonniedavis

      No problem Marina! xo

  • I really have got to up my Pinterest game. It’s hard to stay on top of all of these social networks. I always think “man, if I had all the time in the world, I would just do it all.” These are all great tips that I should try to employ more.

    • byjonniedavis

      Yes, it is so hard to keep up sometimes. I am glad you found my tips helpful!

  • ConfidentlyKylie

    I am starting to see a difference with pinterest but i struggle a bit with all the repinning etc. I use tailwind in a few groups and tribes they all require a minimum amount of resin and i find it difficult to keep up and organised with each group. Any advice would be great

    • byjonniedavis

      Try to only have two or three groups that you focus on. This way you are not overwhelmed! xo

  • Shelby Stover

    Ah this comes just in time as I definitely need some help! I love that the tips are basic and not too complicated- thanks!

    • byjonniedavis

      No problem Shelby xo

  • This is so helpful! I’ve been trying to increase my Pinterest engagement for ages now, and although I’m getting there, I know I still have a long way to go. Rich pins are definitely my downfall, and something I’ll need to work on as time goes on, for sure! Thanks for writing this.

  • Marcie in Mommyland

    I just switched to WordPress primarily so I could enable rich pins. I still need to do a lot of work on my Pinterest, but it’s a start!

  • Stephanie Eiler

    I’m a new blogger and Pinterest is definitely on my list of things to research since I have seen everything that it is so helpful in increasing your blog traffic. These are some great tips, especially your advice about the group boards and the dimensions of your created pins! This just shows me that I have a lot to learn!! Thank you for getting me started!

  • Lakeesha Hargis

    Thanks for the advice. As a new business I am still trying to figure out how Pinterest fits in and this article is a step in the right direction.

  • Lynn White

    Great tips! I startes using Pinterest and it’s made a big difference in my traffic.

  • Tania Berry

    I haven’t really used pintrest for my blog, but I think after reading this I’m going to start!

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